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Executive Director: Hoang Thi Ngoc Ha (PhD)

Contact: Building F-Home, Lane 28, Xuan La str., Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

Tel: (+84) 398668346   Email:


The Center for Eco-Community Development (ECODE) is a Vietnamese non-government organization supporting sustainable natural resources use and resilient communities development towards green growth in the context of climate change.

ECODE is officially registered as member organisation of the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (Decision No. 685 QD-VUSTA dated Sep 30, 2015), with an operation permit from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (dated October 12, 2015).

ECODE Center was developed from an interdisciplinary research group of Hanoi National University and the ECODE currently composed experienced and enthusiastic experts in the fields of climate change, ecology, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, community development, communications and sustainable development.

ECODE currently has the head office in Hanoi and maintains a network of consultants and collaborators locally. The Center has experience working with local partners in Vietnam’s coastal and mountainous provinces  (provincial, district and commune levels), including Biosphere Reserves and National Parks and Nature reserves.

We are also one of the first local NGOs interested in research on EbA, NbS and socio-ecological resilience in Vietnam, aiming to develop ecological communities.

Vision: To become one of Vietnam’s centers of excellence for Eco-community development towards a harmonious, prosperous and creative society.

Goals: Try to raise Eco-communities life quality; To preserve and promote values and resources of socio-ecological system contributing to sustainable development in the context of climate change.

Operational objectives:

  • To build capacity and quality of sustainable life for Eco-communities;
  • To preserve and promote socio-ecological system resources for green growth toward sustainable development in the context of climate change;
  • To support and motivate communities to take action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to make a green transition and practice circular economy.
  • To extensively apply the Ecosystem-based Approach (EbA), Nature-based Solutions (NbS), and Circular Economy for building Vietnamese Eco-communities.

Professional areas:

  • Climate change adaptation and Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (CCA-Eco-DRR)
  • Biodiversity conservation and Sustainable Development
  • Community development (livelihoods, training and communications)


  • Develop and implement Research and Development (R&D) projects on CCA-EcoDRR, NbS, Circular Economy, GHG and Eco-community development (livelihoods, training, communications) associated with biodiversity conservation and ecosystemrestoration;
  • Implementation the impact analysis and risk assessment (CCA-DRR-related, KAP, Baseline, M&E, E/SIA,…) and building action plan.
  • Providing training courses/ ToT and organize workshops/ meetings at the central and local level on the mentioned specialties.
  • Communications and Documentation and Policy advocacy
  • Providing consulting services on the above areas

Key approaches:

  • Socio-ecological system (SES)
  • Iinterdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach
  • Ecosystem-based approach and Nature-based Solutions (EbA – NbS)
  • Gender-based Approach


ECODE is currently a regular member of the center’s professional networks, including:

  • Vietnam Biosphere Reserve Network (VNBRN)
  • Vietnam Network of Non-Governmental Organizations and Climate Change (VNGO&CC); Climate change Working group (CCWG)
  • Network of Vietnamese NGOs And Strengthening Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (VNGO & FLEGT)
  • Vietnam Association of National Park and Protected Area (VNPPA)
  • Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resource Management (SANRM)

Organizational structure:

ECODE Founders and Management Board​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Prof. DSc Truong Quang Hoc

Chairman of the Founding Council/Center Manager

Prof. DSc Truong Quang Hoc was granted a Doctor of Science degree in 1996 at the University of Wroclaw – Poland. He also studied and did scientific research at many universities and research institutes around the world such as the Institute … In the role of a lecturer and scientific research officer of the General University, now the Hanoi National University From 1966 until now, Prof. Truong Quang Hoc has developed programs, compiled learning materials and directly taught long and short-term training courses for many ministries, branches and localities on climate change, sustainable development and more recently is green growth. He is also the author of dozens of books on sustainable development, climate change, environmental resources and green growth,
GS. Truong Quang Hoc used to be the Head of Science and Technology Department, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. He has chaired and participated in 32 science – technology projects at all levels, including 16 international cooperation projects. 2000 – 2005) and In addition, from the past 10 years, he has been an expert/leader of consulting groups, researching and implementing projects for many ministries and branches such as the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. , Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, ..; and many international organizations such as UNDP, World Bank, ADB, DANIDA, SNV,… and dozens of central agencies as well as provinces/cities.
Currently, Professor Truong Quang Hoc is participating in training graduate programs for 5 schools and training institutes in the fields of Sustainable Development, Green Growth, Climate Change,… and is a member of a number of Faculty Councils. study in institutions and training institutions. Hundreds of his MSc and doctoral students have developed, succeeded and made many positive contributions to the country in many different fields of work.

Dr. Hoang T.N. Ha

Center Director,
Member of the Founding Council/Manager
Expert on Climate Change and Eco-Community Development

Dr. Ha is one of the first female experts on climate change in Vietnam with both a PhD and a Master’s degree in this field. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and History Education and another in Political Education.

She is a hardworking and experienced Researcher and Trainer with more than 24 years of work experience. Her’ s strong areas of expertise include climate change and disaster risk management (CCA-DRR/EcoDRR), Eco-community development, climate-resilient livelihoods, EbA-NbS and nature conservation. She has participated in implementing more than 20 Research and Development projects (R&D) and dozens of ToT (& E-learning) training courses for various socio-economic fields in provinces of Vietnam. She also has experience in management and organization with many years running the ECODE Center and in the role of Team Leader and Project Manager within and outside ECODE. Besides, Dr. Ha is also a technical consultant for many R&D projects of international and domestic NGOs, and for a number of ministries and localities.

The key approaches that she often applies to R&D projects are interdisciplinary, community-based approaches, combining “top-down” with “bottom-up”, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, and Ecosystem-based approach and Nature-based Solutions (EbA – NbS) and gender and culture-based approaches. She, along with her supervisor professor (Prof. Dr. Truong Quang Hoc) in the ECODE team, is also one of the first research groups in Vietnam to research and apply the theory of “social-ecological system” (SES), “socio-ecological resilience and transformation” and “ecological community”.

In recent years, Ms. Ha and her colleagues at the ECODE Center have paid more attention to issues of reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the circular economy and the medicinal plant value chain in mountainous areas with ethnic minorities. ECODE Center is one of five organizations co-founding GHGVietnam Partnership Network and Dr. Ha is a co-founding member of the GHG VIETNAM Institute.

In all R&D projects she participates in, Ms. Ha always promotes and proactively integrates gender equality and builds capacity for vulnerable communities, especially ethnic minorities and the poor. In 2021 and 2023, UN Women Asia and the Pacific introduced Ms. Ha is a Vietnamese woman who has made contributions and inspiration in the field of Gender and Climate Change at an international exhibition in Thailand (2021) and on the fanpage of UN Women Asia and the Pacific as well as the exhibition other online (2023).

(Contact to Dr. Hoang .T.N Ha via e-mail:

(See some of Ms. Ha’s recent publications HERE)

LLM. Phuong Thao

Project Coordinator

LLM. Phuong Thao graduated with a Master’s degree from Hanoi Law University in Economic Law. Before working at ECODE, Phuong Thao worked as an intern for Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in 6 months. At the same time, Phuong Thao is a member of the Youth Climate Action Network (Ynet Vietnam). She has working as a project officer in ECODE since December 2022. In the present, she is holding the position of Project Coordinator.

With many years of experience working in developing seminar, training and coaching activities for officials working in National Parks, Nature Reserves in Vietnam and local communities.

Participating in basic research to build sustainable management and production models for Biosphere Reserves in Vietnam is one of the main tasks that Phuong Thao is undertaking at ECODE.