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Coastal urban areas under the impact of natural disasters and climate change

ECODE and the journey to promote gender equality in activities to respond to climate change

Quang Tri: Fishermen call for help because the sea estuary is flooded

For many years, Cua Tung estuary (Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province) has been seriously flooded, making it difficult for fishermen to bring their ships to shore to buy and sell seafood, necessities and vacations.

Ca Mau loses about 450 hectares of coastal land every year

Due to the influence of the northeast monsoon combined with high tides, the East coast is severely affected. In many sections, the protection forest belt has been completely lost and the land has been eroded from 50 to 80 m deep on the coastline with a length of more than 10,000 m.

Tears of farmers who lost their crops because of unusual weather

The erratic weather makes the winter-spring rice crop of farmers in Sa Nghia commune (Sa Thay, Kon Tum) almost lost.

Launching $1 trillion solar energy program

India and France have launched a potentially $1 trillion program to help developing countries fully harness solar energy. Together with the three main European markets of the UK, Germany and France, India is emerging as the world's 4th largest solar market with additional capacity expected to reach 5